Personal portfolio
A design isn't finished until somebody is using it...

Who am I ?

My name is Darko Neskovic, art director and graphic designer. I'm doing creative work in the print and electronic media since the end of the last century, to be specific since 1996.

By profession I am a 2D and 3D animator, after schooling in 1996 I began teaching at Autodesk Training Center, animation and modeling. I also worked on film projects, TV commercials and music videos.

In may 1997. started working in design studio where I have been learning about entire printing process and developing my own skills. During this period I had the opportunity to collaborate and learn from the best designers. After gaining knowledge and experience in February 2000 began to work independently in my own design studio.

I create things

I am a graphic designer, specialising in the fields of corporate identity design, web design, print design and branding. Most of my time I spent designing and implementing marketing promotions for businesses such as logos, websites, letterhead, business cards, packaging and more.

I make them catchy

Everyone works in a different way. I cherish approach in which the imperative is on recognizing the specific needs of clients. Since the beginning of my work until today I successfully implemented a lot of advertising campaigns and designed dozens of brochures, billboards and web sites.

Simplicity is the key

The message must be clear. Whether a poster, brochure, logo, or Web site — the design should emphasize the message.

So, why not?

I believe that quality is the most important and cannot be compromised and that can be clearly seen in my work...

What I'm doing?
We can do it... Together.