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Media Publishing Group

For more than a decade Media Publishing Group occupies a leading position in the field of business publishing and marketing in southeastern Europe. Publisher's exclusive annual catalog specialized in business: Wall, Ambient, Importer, 200 Best from Serbia.

When have I done this?

September 1999 - September 2010

I’ve created / used ...

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, HTML

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Media Publishing Group

Importer Inside

Importer 2007

Importer Inside

Wall 2006

Ambient 2009

Ambient Inside

Importer 2008

Importer Inside

200 Best Serbian Companies 2010

200 Best Serbian Companies 2009

Importer Inside

Wall Notes

Wall 2007

Ambient Inside

Importer 2006

Wall 2009

Wall 2008

Ambient 2010

Logo Design Wall

Ambient 2008

Importer Inside

Wall 2010

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